32Stitches Releases Bass Heavy New Single ‘Olympus’!

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32Stitches Releases Bass Heavy New Single ‘Olympus’!

2019 has been a non-stop year for 32Stitches as the rising talent has already released four tracks since January, each more successful than the last. Now, barely a month after the release of his jaw-dropping collaboration with BAER, ‘Are We There Yet’, the Indian producer/DJ is coming out with his biggest release to date, ‘Olympus’ is out via NCS.

True to its namesake, ‘Olympus’ is an enormous track with a massive sound, marking a distinct change from 32Stiches‘ more melodic and love-inspired previous release ‘Are We There Yet’, proving once again that he really can do it all. The intro and buildup of the song provide a distinct quiet-before-the-storm feeling, as 32Stiches incorporates orchestral strings, battle drums and tension-building risers that place the listener squarely in the midst of a heated battle between primordial beings and gods. The track goes on to see 32Stitches delivers an absolutely gargantuan sound in the form of towering chords and gritty background synths that rise high above even Mount Olympus.

32Stitches had this to say about the track:“I’m a big time gamer when I’m not making music and a lot of my inspiration comes from the content that I play as well. During the making of ‘Olympus’, I was heavily inspired by God Of War. The battle of Kratos and Thor was the moment that inspired the whole idea, the track is a representation of that battle in my own style” 32Stitches

Stream this single and many more trap essentials below – follow here.

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