After 7 Years ‘Last Call’ By Michael Calfan Is Here!

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After 7 Years ‘Last Call’ By Michael Calfan Is Here!

7 years… 7 YEARS of waiting!!! ‘Last Call’ from Michael Calfan, the much anticipated follow-up of ‘Resurrection’, has FINALLY arrived.

Michael first unleashed it as a Tribal bootleg in his Tomorrowland 2013 set (main melody loop + tribal drop). We immediately recognized Calfan‘s touch in what would be a perfect sequel of ‘Resurrection’. In 2014, Axwell played the Progressive version at EDC Mexico, the version which hyped the major part of the community. It became one of Ax’s favorite weapons (even as Axwell Λ Ingrosso), yet the creator Michael Calfan, stopped playing it that year so we only had RIP’s from other DJs’ sets & not much news about an official release, merely some rumors which gave nothing…

Fast forward to this sad year, Calfan began his virtual set for “United Through Music” (Tomorrowland) with a NEW version of ‘Last Call’! For real, I was like a kid who just received a Xmas gift. Indeed, the drop sounded different. A continuation of his style from ‘No Lie’ with Martin Solveig, under the famous melody from ‘Last Call’; I think it’s a golden nugget! Subsequently, he would state during an interview with Adrien Toma in “DJ Talk” that he found the main melody loop during quarantine and realized it would be a pity not to release it since a lot of fans asked for it, and also that he made a 2020 uplift version because the old one sounds so 2013.

To put the icing on the cake, he teased an official release in the summer. On July 8th, Kryder once again delivered the good news through Kryteria Radio: the 2020 version will be out on July 31st, though on Spinnin’ not Axtone.

To conclude this article, I want to say that I’m very very happy this old ID saw daylight with a fresh wind. It’s a perfect example of what we can name a legendary track and I can confirm one thing: this will be one of the most played tracks in 2020. Recently, Michael cemented himself as this year’s Santa Claus by announcing a 2nd gift that is the original 2013 mix, coming in a few weeks.

written by: @lucasthang / @delacour_agency

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