Alesso To Release New Mixtape ‘Progresso Volume 1’!

If you put Alesso + progressive together, you would get ‘Progresso’. Is this a statement that the Swede will be making his much anticipated return to his signature progressive house style?

At the very young age of 27 years old, Swedish producer Alesso has carved out quite the career for himself. From releasing chart topping singles to collaborating with the biggest names in the music industry to touring and headlining festivals all across the world, there is nothing that Alesso has not achieved yet. Alesso recently took to Twitter to announce he will be releasing a new mixtape entitled ‘Progresso Volume 1’.

Through out the past couple of years, the Swedish producer has been finding inspiration through multiple different genres and has swayed away from his signature progressive sound. This has saddened many loyal fans as they have been clamoring for some new progressive music from the Swede. With iconic singles such as ‘Years’, ‘If I Lose Myself’, ‘Calling’ and many more under his belt, it’s no surprise to hear fans want more of this type of music from him. Is this the return to progressive house that the millions of Alesso fans have been waiting for?

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