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Amr Salah Mahmoud Drops Epic ‘Illusion’ Remix!

Rewind back to the 1980’s, as computers and technology started to become incredibility popular and easily accessible many artists were moving on from traditional instruments over to a more electronic based setup. One of those artists is Amr Salah Mahmoud who started falling in love with music production and he has not looked back since. As he grew older, he started building his own music studio with the assistance of specialists in the sound industry. Twenty years have passed since then and the urge and obsession with music has never left which he proved naming his single ‘I Need The Music’.

His latest remix of ‘Illusion’ is a fusion of many loved house elements along with that signature disco sound that Amr Salah Mahmoud likes to incorporate. Each synth and sound is perfectly placed to bring the groove and funk to a level that cannot be matched. The vocals top this remix off perfectly and if you’re a fan of that old school disco sound, this remix is sure to please your ear drums.

Stream this single below.

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