Amr Salah Mahmoud Follows Up With Great Single ‘Look Into Your Eyes’!

With the growing popularity in computers and technology came a boom with hundreds of bedroom producers emerging including the talented Amr Salah Mahmoud. However, due to Amr Salah Mahmoud‘s long standing experience within the music industry as an accordion and drum player, he is able to set himself apart from the crowd. Following up from multiple solid releases such as ‘Fall Into You’ and his remix of ‘It’s Time To Party Now’, he treats us to another incredible production.

‘Look Into Your Eyes’ begins with simple samples and a catchy bass line but slowly progresses into an awesome dance single. The stunning vocals take over the majority of this song but they are backed up by incredibly mixed and well placed synths and sounds. Amr Salah Mahmoud‘s signature dance and groovy style is in full effect as he adds piano sounds and funky synths to keep your feet tapping and in turn will get any person up onto the dance floor.

Stream this single below.


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