Anonymous Producer CABE Delivers With A Re-Edit Of ‘Drops’!

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Anonymous Producer CABE Delivers With A Re-Edit Of ‘Drops’!

When it comes to removing the personality from the DJ, not letting any gimmicks take over and letting the music speak for itself, very few producers can truly master this feet. One anonymous producer is going against the machine, proving that this can be done by not only removing his personality from the equation but by releasing high-quality music that is sure to grab your attention, without a need for anything else. Following on from his only release of 2019, ‘Back Side’, CABE opens up his catalog for 2020 with a slick re-edit of ‘Drops’ by Jungle.

With the release of the first single ‘Back Side’ in 2019, CABE gave birth to his own style of tech-house that infuses different styles together to create a unique finished product. The recent re-edit of ‘Drops’ continues this momentum nicely as he lets his groovy side take control. Using rhythmic samples and a funky bass line that takes center stage, when this track starts playing you can’t help but move your feet no matter where you may be listening to it. Yet another statement as to why you should keep a close eye on this rising and mysterious producer.

Stream this single below.

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