Anthony Nexus Drops Two High Quality Dance Productions!

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Anthony Nexus Drops Two High Quality Dance Productions!

Australian DJ and Producer Anthony Nexus began his career in 1998 learning and improving his mixing skills. Being part of many companies throughout the Australian rave scene over the years such as Powerhouse Productions, Sydney TranceTransienceMasif and Genesis to name a few. Anthony is also part of a duo together with trance artist Genetixx who have released multiple singles over their time together. During Anthony’s time with Genetixx, he also represented Australia in a world trance artist event in 2018 on Trance Energy Radio. In 2019, Anthony founded his own record label called Nexus Fusion Records and since it’s opening, they have released 8 original tracks.

Both tracks ‘Barricade’ and ‘Rain Drops & Mirrors’ showcase the diversity that Anthony Nexus can work with. ‘Barricade’ incorporates a break beat style with a progressive style flow which builds towards a hard drop. As the track progresses high pitched vocal samples are joined by deep and electro style synths which compliment each other very nicely. ‘Rain Drops & Mirrors’ incorporates a trancier style with a high tempo and uplifting synths. As these two singles are so different from one another, it’s a true testament as to how talented Anthony Nexus is within the studio.

Stream these two singles below and grab your copies here.

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