Armin Van Buuren And Lucas & Steve Drop Anticipated Club And Trance Mix!

In an industry that seems to evolve each time you blink, remaining innovative and creative is what’s needed to keep functioning at top level. Both Armin van Buuren and fellow-countrymen Lucas & Steve seem to have mastered this skill and it shines through fully in their new summer-scented single, which saw its release today during Miami Music Week. Easily one of the most exciting pop-dance tracks of the year, ‘Don’t Give Up On Me’ shows what happens when two of electronic music’s hottest acts at the moment sit down in the studio together to make magic happen, and also comes with a spectacular music video that gets the adrenaline surging.

Turning their joint summer anthem into not one, but two blasts of main stage euphoria, Armin van Buuren and Lucas & Steve go all out with their Club Mix and Trance Mix of ‘Don’t Give Up On Me’. Supercharged on all fronts to maximize its crowd-thrilling potential, these two spins are bound to make fans roar with excitement.

Stream both mixes of this track in our playlist below and follow here.

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