AtomVegas Drops Thumping New Single ‘LION’!

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AtomVegas Drops Thumping New Single ‘LION’!

AtomVegas is a relatively new name on the scene, uploading his first-ever mashup to his YouTube channel just a mere 8 months ago. Since then, AtomVegas has been crafting away in his bedroom studio, trying to improve his skills and make it in the electronic dance music world. Over the 8 months, we have been treated to several mashups and now he has finally delivered with his very first original track. Self-described as a lover of big room house, it’s no surprise that this single is set within that genre.

‘LION’ uses thumping kicks and powerful synths to make your speakers tremble. AtomVegas opens the single with an infectious melody backed by some subtle yet driving kicks. It’s not long before the Italian artist starts to build towards the drop and when it hits we are blown away. Powerful kicks are joined by innovative synths that add tons of drive to the single and are sure to get your hands in the air. AtomVegas then revisits that previously introduced melody for the second break down but he adds some elements on top of it to keep the production fresh. He then heads back to the drop for a second time, adding some rhythmic toms into the mix to drive that energy up the walls. A great first impression, make sure to keep an eye on AtomVegas in the future!

Stream this single below.

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