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Austin Kramer Will Lead Electronic Music At Blanco y Negro Music Under His Label ‘TBD’!

TBD stands for To Be Discovered records and is Blanco y Negro Music‘s new record label. It is led by none other than Austin Kramer himself. Austin Kramer has been in charge of managing global Dance & Electronic Music playlists at Spotify for the last few years. His editorial decisions have marked the trends of the genre, and he has been responsible for drawing the future of electronic music.

The American talent hunter has more than a decade of experience hosting dance music radio shows. He started programming the EDM channels on SiriusXM Satellite Radio, where he globally promoted the brand creating original and exclusive content, and currently, he is hosting “UNreleased with AK” on Tomorrowland’s One World Radio

Kramer‘s musical credibility and reputation in electronic music have led him to make an agreement with Blanco y Negro Music to lead the company’s EDM department and under his own label TBD, where he will promote emerging artists and explore and support new styles of electronic music.     

At the beginning of 2022, the first songs of TBD To Be Discovered were released working together with artists such as Rob Tirea, Bad Chicken!, Near x Far, twoDB and Andrew Marks and it is now revealed that one of the world’s leading electronic music experts is behind this sub-label of Blanco y Negro Music. Other artists such as Ben Spence, AFRO EXOTIQ, 5dust, Edmondsski, Cosmic Skies, Modern Machines, DJ Drew, Adam K, or Gregor Potter are already on the release schedule for the upcoming weeks.

In recent years, Blanco y Negro Music – the leading independent record label in Spain – has been repositioning the company. This has been achieved through becoming a promoter of festivals such as UNITE with Tomorrowland in Barcelona and Mexico or the Sensation festival in Madrid. It has also revolutionized the company with innovative technological proposals related to NFT projects as well as the creation of immersive events and virtual reality.

A label with more than 30 years of history that strengthens its position in the market with the recruitment of Austin Kramer to place the label as one of the international key players in the electronic music scene. 

Austin Kramer on TBD, his record label: “Blanco y Negro Music proposed that I create a new label and lead the electronic department of the company and I loved the idea of being involved. Creating and managing TBD gives me the excitement and the opportunity to promote talented producers who may not have a place to exhibit their new sound, alias’ or experiments. TBD stands for To Be Discovered! It’s a platform for new artists and new styles and sounds in electronic music.” 

Austin Kramer on Blanco y Negro Music:“Blanco y Negro Music is the big bopper in Spain so of course I’m honored to be working with the amazing people at the label. I’ve been working for several months now and their work is exquisite. They have been marketing prestigious and emerging artists and they are experts in audience growth, something key for the artists nowadays.” 

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