Autograf Build On Momentum With Third Single Of Forthcoming Album ‘Space’ (ft. Kole)!

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Autograf Build On Momentum With Third Single Of Forthcoming Album ‘Space’ (ft. Kole)!

As the release of ‘The Ace Of You’ draws ever closer, Autograf have unveiled the next track of their forthcoming album. The third album single after ‘Ain’t Deep Enough’ (ft. Jared Lee) and ‘Easy’ (feat. Papa Ya), ‘Space’ (ft. Kole) adds its fresh sound and brilliant colors into the mix ahead of album’s highly anticipated release later this year.  

Ripe with left-field catchiness and breezy vibes, Autograf’s ‘Space’ expertly builds on the momentum set by the two previous singles taken from the upcoming ‘The Ace Of You’ album. With Kole’s vocals effortlessly floating over the rhythmic magnificence of the instrumental, this track is a definite ear-catcher.

Autograf“Kole, who we met and became friends with while working on the song ‘Move All Night’ with SNBRN, was writing about the idea of time and space either bringing two people closer together or pushing them farther apart. Sometimes you need space from someone to know if the relationship is meant to be or not, and that’s what the song is about.”

Autograf are easily one of the most exciting acts in today’s dance music scene. After starting off their journey crafting up remixes for popular artists, the duo’s debut original, ‘Dream’, catapulted them to great heights. Since then, they’ve had a steady output of successful releases (e.g. ‘Nobody Knows’ ft. WYNNE, ‘Simple’ ft. Victoria Zaro, ‘Dead Soon’ ft. Lils & Bonsai Mammal) and saw their music licensed in popular television series such as Netflix’s ‘The Innocents’, NBC’s ‘The Blacklist’ and major ad campaigns from global brands such as Louis Vuitton. On the live front, Autograf played festivals such as Coachella, Lollapalooza and EDC Las Vegas alongside headline shows in Thailand, Indonesia, Brazil, Spain, the Netherlands, France and plenty of other places across the globe.

Stream this single below.

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