Avicii Documentary Coming To Netflix!

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Avicii Documentary Coming To Netflix!

After his death, Avicii left a huge gap in the hearts of EDM fans around the world. Before his death, in 2017 a documentary about his life was released and played in cinemas through out Sweden, however it was never planned to be released world wide. 
‘Avicii: True Stories’  is a harsh view on what the super star DJ had gone through during his rise to fame.

‘True Stories’  hits Netflix later this month and through out the documentary you can see how the life of a DJ was taking its toll on him. During the film, a friend of his states that he is “a shell of what he used to be” while another describes him as “a ticking timebomb”. Avicii‘s manager Ash was also quoted during the film saying: “Tim is going to die. With all the interviews, radio tours and everything, he’ll drop dead”. Towards the end of the film, Avicii himself even says “It will kill me” in a response to touring.

Avicii: True Stories will be available on Netflix from Friday 28 December.

You can check out the trailer below.

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