Axilli And Mason Campo Deliver Stunning New Collab!

It seems Sweden has a habit of putting our producers who love to take on the melodic side of electronic music and it is no surprise to hear from two new up and coming producers. Swedish natives Axilli and Mason Campo have teamed up together to stun us with an incredible track which shows off both of their production talents. Both talents are set for an incredible new year with tons of new music to come soon.

This track is filled to the brim with positive vibes and the melodic sound match with the stunning vocals to bring us an amazing track. Beautiful and uplifting pads start the track out and the looping vocals make us feel like we’re in heaven. The synths slowly start to build to the drop which doesn’t disappoint. Powerful and Euphoric synths fill out the drop and top this track of perfectly as you’re sent into another world of euphoria.

Stream the single below.

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