Axwell’s Remix Of ‘Graveyard’ By Hasley Brings Nonstop Energy!

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Axwell’s Remix Of ‘Graveyard’ By Hasley Brings Nonstop Energy!

Swedish Producer Axwell’s latest remix of Hasley’s track ‘Graveyard’ brings new life to an already strong track, reincarnating the pop hit with fresh, characterful production and nonstop energy.

As the tempo speeds and the track crescendos, time seems to stand still as the listener is dropped into a new dimension of Ambient House. Altered horn-like stabs, ambient blips and synths that blend into the vast soundscape Axwell are sure to keep fans pleased, as the prodigal DJ combines fresh sounds with the constant motion of the House genre, propelled forward by an unwavering kick drum.

With the a glowing track record of hits to his name, Axwell’s new spin on the Halsey single is sure to match the success of his past tracks.

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