Ben Casey Releases Magical Remix Of ‘Yesterday’ By XALSER!

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Ben Casey Releases Magical Remix Of ‘Yesterday’ By XALSER!

XALSER (pronounced “Zal-ser”) is a relatively new name in the music scene. Over the past couple of years, XALSER has discovered a big passion for a number of genres and sub-genres of dance music such as deep house, future bass, progressive house, bass house, pop, and anything that may fall in between those brackets. With this passion for dance music, XALSER has been spending countless hours working on his productions and the work is paying off. 2020 kicked off in spectacular fashion, as this American artist opened the year with ‘6 Inch Heels’, ‘Portal’, ‘I Wanna Know’, and ‘Lock’. For his latest outing, XALSER showcased his diversity within the studio by delivering an awesome future bass anthem ‘Yesterday’.

Taking the single to the next level, in comes Ben Casey. Giving us a fresh take, Ben Casey keeps a subtle tone from the original but touches it up with a chilled, soulful tone and then introduces a 1980’s inspired melodic pop and future bass sonic structure. The elements used throughout match the vocals tremendously well as if this was an original track. Truly showcasing how both artists can blend and come together, XALSER and Ben Casey keep their monumental years rolling with this brand new remix.

Stream this single below and grab your download here.

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