BIGHITTERBURT Drops Massive 4-Track EP Titled ‘Right Brained’!

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BIGHITTERBURT Drops Massive 4-Track EP Titled ‘Right Brained’!

Having previously covered his first single of 2020, ‘Pain’, which can be viewed here, we were eagerly awaiting when this emerging artist would return to our sound systems. Now following on from this recent single ‘Next To You’, BIGHITTERBURT is back once again in style, debuting a total of four new releases in his EP titled ‘Right Brained’. Like with his previous releases, this American artist showcases a fresh blend of innovative and sizzling sounds that are sure to get the hairs on the back of your neck to stand up.

BIGHITTERBURT opens the EP up in a melodic and uplifting way with the opening single ‘If You Said Goodbye’. This single features creative vocal work that plays with your emotions while building towards a euphoric drop. He then follows it up with ‘Breathe’, a single that showcases his harder side, with electro tones throughout. BIGHITTERBURT then returns to a melodic style with ‘Pixels‘, a production filled to the brim with energy and uplofting tones, reaslly showcasing the dynamic rane of the producer. The EP is topped off perfectly with ‘Will It Be Okay’, as BIGHITTERBURT then takes the energy down a little in turn for some melodic and emotional tones.

Stream this EP below and grab your download here.

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