Blasterjaxx Talk New Music, Stepping Out Of Their Comfort Zone, Experimenting With New Sounds, and More!

Heavy hitters Blasterjaxx team up with the alternative/EDM singer-songwriter Shiah Maisel from Queens, New York. ‘One More Smile’ is not your typical high paced adrenaline rushed Blasterjaxx track, but brings a more pop-orientated sound to the table. Get ready to be surprised by an emotive sound peppered with striking guitar riffs and soulful vocals. We had the pleasure of interviewing the duo to celebrate their latest release.

Speaking firstly about ‘One More Smile’. How happy are you guys with the finished product and its home on Maxximize Records?
“We’re very happy with One More Smile and the way how the track is being received. Its quite of a different thing coming from us, but people seem to like it as well.”

This single showcases a diverse sound not often heard, but you did previously show us with ‘Follow.’ How enjoyable is it to bring out a different style for new releases and how important do you feel it is for producers to branch out of their comfort zone?
“As this track started during the beginning of Covid19, we actually enjoyed working on it way more than an average bigroom tune. We couldn’t play, and I think we won’t play any time soon, so making different kinds of music felt very natural for us to do.”

As producers, you have cemented yourself within the top class of big room house artists. How important is it for yourselves as artists to have a signature sound?
“We believe that having a signature sound is everything. Only think back of all the artists you love yourself; most of them probably all have their signature sound.”

With the cancellation of all shows across the world, did the lack of dancefloors open affect the style of your productions over the past month? Considering you won’t be able to road-test the singles and most fans would be listening in a more personal setting.
“Like mentioned before, we are doing a thing now that reflects our mood and lives at this moment. Making more listenable music felt very comfortable, but don’t worry, we do miss the epic club vibes too, haha.”

You have released tracks under the big room house umbrella, along with electro house, progressive house, and future bass. Is there a certain sound or genre you have not experimented with that you would like to?
“We’ve also done Techno (Royal Beluga), and this is still a genre we would like to blend in more.”

Having released collaborations alongside Armin van Buuren, W&W, Hardwell, and more. If you have 1 collab remaining in your career, who would you like it to be with?
“Tough question since we love doing collabs… if it could only be one… I would say David Guetta inside the EDM scene and otherwise Daddy Yankee.”

Since 2016, you have run your own record label and have discovered fresh new talents such as Jaxx & Vega, Mountblaq, and KEVU. How important is it for you guys to have a platform for the next generation and to help them along with their growth?
“We’re pleased and grateful that we’re able to do this together with Spinnin’ Records. Nowadays, the amount of labels releasing Bigroom sounds is minimal, yet one of the most heard sounds in the clubs and big stages. Making the difference for many young upcoming talents is very important to us.”

Since opening your label, you have been partnered with Spinnin’ Records. What kind of support and help did they give with setting up and what opportunities arose that may not have appeared if you didn’t partner up?
“Spinnin’ believes in us and gives us so much creative freedom. This is very valuable to us and makes it able for us to grow and develop the brand.”

Since 2013, you have released tracks on Spinnin’ and Maxximize. How important do you feel it is to have a label that supports you fully and for so long?
“Spinnin’ is an A-tier label, so having the support of one of the biggest music labels in the world means a lot to us.”

Ending the interview, would you like to share some exclusive news with us? 😉
“Go all check out our newest single ‘One More Smile,’ its a true story and worth the listen”

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