Bobsan Impresses With New Free Single ‘Rinccali’!

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Bobsan Impresses With New Free Single ‘Rinccali’!

Bobsan is electronic music producer, songwriter and skilled party DJ with a passionate approach to dance oriented music, based in Bratislava, Slovakia. Bobsan shows off his musical tastes for the world to see as he is curator of monthly Spotify and Apple Music playlists. His unique production style is party-ready and could be described as a crossover of bass house, trap and future bass. Due to his innovation within the studio, it would be no surprise to see him rise within the ranks of the electronic dance music scene.

His latest free single ‘Rinccali’ is a fun and creative party track set up at the perfect spot of 147BPM and half beat. Sounds and arrangements are inspired by experimental sounds, which reminded him of the word  “to rumble” in Slovak language (rinčať). As you take a listen to the single, you notice how it’s a style and genre that you have never heard before which is great for Bobsan as he showcases his versatility. This creative single is getting the ball rolling in terms of momentum as Bobsan plans to release more music very soon.

Stream this single below and grab your free download here.

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