bonsche Keeps Momentum Rolling With New Single ‘Getting Busy’!

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bonsche Keeps Momentum Rolling With New Single ‘Getting Busy’!

Following on from his two releases in 2020, ‘Go’ and ‘Gimme What Ye Got’, bonsche proves that you can strike the perfect balance between quality and quantity, as he releases another high-quality single titled ‘Getting Busy’.

bonsche was raised up in a very musical family as his parents and sister played several instruments and sang in choirs. Under this influence, it was no wonder that the boy started playing piano at the very young age of three and guitar at the age of nine. At 16, he formed his first band with four school mates, where he sang and played lead guitar and keyboard. bonsche then went on to the SAE (School of Audio Engineering) and became an audio engineer, turning his hobby into his profession. In 2013 he was able to afford to build up his own studio and he started recording his first solo project under the name of “bonsche”.

Running at 131 BPM, ‘Getting Busy’ is a highly energetic and dynamic production that showcases the signature style of bonsche perfectly. Uses several instrumentals and combining them with electronic sounds in a unique way, bonsche strikes gold once again. The overall creativity and innovativeness on show within the production proves that bonsche likes to have fun when in the studio and that leads to great results.

Stream this single below and grab your copy here.

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