Boulevarde Deliver Chill Vibes With Third Single ‘Lover’!

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Boulevarde Deliver Chill Vibes With Third Single ‘Lover’!

Boulevarde‘s first two singles ‘I Needed You’ and ‘Plans’ both take on a classic electronic style, with energetic, synth-fueled drops and breaks. However, on their latest track, ‘Lover’, they step away from that style, instead opting for an airy, emotionally rich sound that’s more in line with the alternative genre. With the help of the incredible vocal talents of Melbourne-based artist James Seymour, known to his own fans as “FEELDS”, Boulevarde delivers a captivating and unique single with ‘Lover’.

Consisting of Jordan and Edgar: a Lebanese DJ-producer and a young metal-loving dad, Boulevarde takes inspiration from every genre of music, borrowing from future bass, pop, and rock. A production and writing duo since 2014, the pair felt that it was the right time to finally launch their alias, and with three successful releases, already under their belt, they’re ready to make some real waves.

Stream this single below.

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