Cabela and Schmitt Release Blissful New Single ‘Love You True’!

Have you ever found an unknown DJ, group or band and looked at their stream count and then thought to yourself, “damn these guys deserve way more plays”? Well, now we’ve got another one to add to the list. Cabela and Schmitt have been constantly releasing blissful songs for over 10 months, including singles such as ‘Beautiful’, ‘Lay Down The Law’, ‘No More Time Alone’, ‘Maybe Im Crazy’ and many many more.

Today, they treat us to yet another beautiful single entitled ‘Love You True’. This single encompasses the signature style that we’ve come to know from Cabela and Schmitt. Featuring powerful vocals, touching lyrics and a soothing instrumental makes for an incredible end result. As they head towards the end of the year, Cabela and Schmitt are showing no signs of slowing down, keeping the momentum rolling with plenty of new original music coming in the next few months.

Stream this single below and grab your copy here.

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