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Cabela & Schmitt End The Year With A Wonderful Single ‘Youre With Me’!

Collaborating and working together for over 40 years, Cabela & Schmitt have enjoyed plenty of success over the years. Ending yet another decade together, they look back on the 2010’s with joy, releasing 9 new albums totalling over 190 songs combined. They end the decade on a high, releasing a beautiful single entitled ‘Youre With Me’. 2019 was especially a great year for the group, hitting 240,000 monthly listeners on Spotify with the two albums they released this year.

‘Youre With Me’ contains the signature style that we’ve grown to love from the very talented Cabela and Schmitt. Featuring powerful vocals, touching lyrics and a soothing instrumental, the end result is amazing. Keeping the momentum rolling into the new decade, Cabela and Schmitt have promised us plenty of new music which is sure to please the many fans they’ve gained over the years.

Stream this single below.

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