Chris Diaz Continues Hot Streak Of Releases With ‘Shady’s Jam’!

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Chris Diaz Continues Hot Streak Of Releases With ‘Shady’s Jam’!

Los Angeles native DJ and Producer Chris Diaz has just dropped his third single ‘Shady’s Jam’, a jam that will definitely keep the dance floors grooving for years to come. He seamlessly fuses tech-house with hints of jazz and incorporates an organ solo that will have you feeling like you’re at a Doors concert in the 1970s. The track is a spin-off of Eminem’s 2002 hit ‘Without Me’, delivering a bouncy bassline with nostalgic undertones.

Check out what he had to say about ‘Shady’s Jam’ below: “For the longest time I’ve been wanting to make a song that not only fused genres together, but also incorporated some kind of instrumental solo and one that truly meant something to me. I think what sparked this idea was when I was watching Woodstock live videos on Youtube and came across Santana’s ‘Soul Sacrifice’. Growing up learning Spanish guitar, my ears were glued to that Santana solo. My first project with the idea of fusing ‘Tech House’ with Santana and Spanish influence didn’t really work out and it kinda felt like I was trying too hard. After putting the idea off for about a year and a half, I am finally ready to bring the idea to life. It wasn’t until I came across that same video and I found myself really grooving to that organ. So I found an organ sound that I liked and out came those background chords that you hear. As a kid, my dad always used to take me to Laker games, and if you’ve ever been to any basketball game the organs are at the heart of pumping up the crowd to chant “D-Fence or Lets-Go-Lakers. When I was making this song I just kept getting lost in the tune like I was in the Staples Center and my fingertips were naturally translating the word ‘arena’. During one of my jam sessions, I played this melody that I’m sure you’ll recognize and was like damn, I know where this is going.”

Currently living in Chicago, Chris Diaz has already made a name for himself in the house music industry as he’s played in clubs nationwide ranging from California to Chicago and New York. With his high-energy sound and infectious personality on social media, he could very well take over the industry someday. Having amassed 10,000+ streams since his first release in November 2019, it’s safe to say you will definitely be hearing more of Chris Diaz in the future.

Stream this single below.

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