Corm!! Brings The Heat With Huge Track ‘House Down’!

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Corm!! Brings The Heat With Huge Track ‘House Down’!

Hailing from Louisiana in the United States, Corm!! is ready, willing and able to make a big impression in the bass and dubstep scene. Kicking off 2020 by opening up his catalog with his first-ever release, Corm!! showcases his hard-hitting and innovative style with ‘House Down’. Determined to make a longlasting and positive first impression, the American artist is keen to keep his momentum rolling as he follows up on his first single of the year with many more new tracks in the pipeline.

Corm!! opens up his new year and new direction with a heavy dubstep single ‘House Down’. The single opens with eery and dark atmopsheric sounds that slowly build towards the drop. These dark and moody tones set from the beginning give us a good indicator of where the production is heading. Once the drop, we are left blown away. Hard-hitting electro-infused synths are combined with a powerful and thumping kick and bass combo that is sure to shake your sound systems. With this single, Corm!! definitely sets himself up perfectly to capitalize on his momentum.

Stream this single below.

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