Crixtux Returns With Brilliant New Single ‘Freedom’ ft. Beatrice Pezzini!

When it comes to quality over quantity, very few artists strike the balance perfectly. On one hand, some artists very rarely release but when they do it’s amazing, while on the other hand, some artists release too often leaving a lot to be desired in the quality. One artist who has managed to perfect the blend of quality and quantity is Italian artist Crixtux. Having only released his 2020 version of ‘Honor’ just under 4 weeks ago, the talented producer has come back once again, with the release of ‘Freedom’.

Including the magnificent vocals of Beatrice Pezzini, ‘Freedom’ continues the hot streak of releases for Crixtux which began back in 2019 with his first single ‘The Beginning, Vol. 2’. Loosely incorporating some old school sounds with a new twist, this single kicks off with an atmospheric pad that slowly leads into a synth playing an infectious melody. Drum sounds are then introduced to bring some energy into the track, along with the vocals from Beatrice Pezzini that add tons of euphoria to the single. As the single progresses, Crixtux adds tons of uplifting sounds into the mix to keep the euphoria rising and in turn makes this a very high quality listen.

Stream this single below.

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