D-SAB Drops Sick Remix of ‘Alive’ By Krewella!

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D-SAB Drops Sick Remix of ‘Alive’ By Krewella!

“You’ve seen my light side, now experience the dark.” says D-SAB. The American producer is dipping his feet into many different pools when it comes to expressing his musical style. After a brief hiatus during 2018, D-SAB made a very welcome return to our speakers with a stunning future bass track ‘Lost’. As he evolves and improves as a producer, he just droped a remix which is very different to his previous release but it keeps the same production quality of his last release.

‘Alive’ by Krewella has received hundreds of remixes since it’s release in 2012 and has gained over 150 million streams online. The success of this single makes remixing it quite a task, yet D-SAB has smashed this one out of the park. He shows off his melodic side with a stunning break down that is complimented with the vocals. As we progress through the remix, D-SAB ups the energy with a lively build up that brings us to the drop. The synths and samples used in the drop are so powerful that they smash through our speakers. This remix is a statement from D-SAB, keep an eye on this talent. 

Stream the remix below and grab your free download here.

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