DBT Reveals Fantastic New Single ‘Heart Catching Fire’!

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DBT Reveals Fantastic New Single ‘Heart Catching Fire’!

A project that was officially launched in 2019, DBT turned heads right away with his opening single ‘Feel Alive’. He released a total of 3 singles in the entirety of 2019, and now just 7 months into 2020, he has reached that total once again. Although 6 releases in under 2 years may seem a little low, DBT is the epitome of quality over quantity, as when he appears on our new music feed’s, we know we are in for a treat!

Hypnotic, energetic, and full of ambience, we get a melodious-driven sonic force from DBT‘s newest single ‘Heart Catching Fire’. With subtle buildups and ascending measures that keep our anticipation in the limelight of our attention, this track keeps you completely transfixed on where the song goes next. The song flows very well and sustains great pacing. The female vocal melodies are placed correctly and really bring a cinematic edge to the overall sound, which gives each measure more versatility and likability factors as the track plays out. It’s climactic, but not explosive. There’s a familiarity in the airwaves as each element of the song’s aura plays out. But at the same time, it showcases a multifaceted wave of freshness that we can really resonate with and identify with uniquely. And that’s what makes ‘Heart Catching Fire’  the gem that it really is. If you’re looking for the next feel-good EDM track then ‘Heart Catching Fire’  will be one of your new favorites inevitably.

Stream this single below.

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