De Doelleazen Release Brand New Album Titled ‘Gek yne Kop’!

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De Doelleazen Release Brand New Album Titled ‘Gek yne Kop’!

De Doelleazen has been around for more than 10 years and has quickly become the most popular party act in the Frisian language. Frisian is the second official language in the Netherlands. It all started as a joke with a remix of a Frisian rock band, who wrote a song about the mother of supermodel Doutzen Kroes. Since then, De Doelleazen has released a total of four studio albums over the last years.

In the Netherlands, De Doelleazen also received attention from various radio stations such as Giel Beelen on 3FM along with Coen and Sander who are very popular in the Netherlands. Their signature sound consists mainly within the happy hardcore/rave scene, but once in a while, they will release tracks that are more pop and mainstream. De Doelleazen have been allowed to perform on all major stages in Friesland in recent years, and have also been able to collaborate with many artists such as Piter Wilkens, Gurbe Douwstra, Syb van der Ploeg, The Party Animals, and Henk Wijngaard.

For their fourth album, ‘Gek yne Kop’, De Doelleazen‘s infectious and energetic sound is in full effect. Opening up with title track ‘Gek yne Kop’, De Doelleazen deliver a hands up anthem to set the tone. The group then show off their diversity by following this up with a massive hardstyle banger along with a pop single. As we listen to the album in it’s entirety, there’s no surprise that his group has become so successful, proving to be able to make a hit within any genre! This album is an incredible listen and it’s sure to please many electronic dance music fans across the world.

Stream this album below.

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