DoBadlyy Present Killer 6th Episode Of ‘Bad Radio’ Alongside BRKNDRMR!

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DoBadlyy Present Killer 6th Episode Of ‘Bad Radio’ Alongside BRKNDRMR!

With the world appearing to slow down and with the days seemingly becoming longer and longer as lockdown is further implemented all across the globe, many artists are finding this the perfect time to strike up a connection with their online audience by delivering a multitude of online live streams and mix sets. One of the acts trying to make their followers forget about what’s going on in the world for a moment is DoBadlyy, as they present their 6th edition of ‘Bad Radio’ alongside BRKNDRMR.

Consisting of producers Michael and JosephDobadlyy have been making waves across the online dance scene with their eclectic and raw productions. With these two artists hailing from different spectrums of the electronic dance music world and having many years of experience under their belts, coming together and collaborating to bring massive tunes has become second nature to them. Combining elements of g-house, tech house and experimenting a bit more with the darker side of house music, Dobadlyy is a project that shows promise of hitting the festival and club circuits in the near future.

Hailing from Southern California, BRKNDRMR (pronounced “Broken Dreamer”) has steadily been making a name for himself in the local scene and beyond. Making stops in Los Angeles, Sacramento, Fresno and San Diego, BRKNDRMR has played in prestigious venues such as Exchange LA and Academy while playing for support for headlining artists such as Blaize, Bear Grillz, Erivera Reyes, Flosstradamus, Funtcase, Gladez, GLD, and Sharps. Heavily influenced by artists such as Blanke, K?D, and Seven Lions, BRKNDRMR continually blends a mix of heavy mid tempo, dark bass music with melodic dubstep, attesting to his versatility to create any vibe on the dance floor. On the production side, BRKNDRMR has slowly finding his own style that will make him stand out from other artists. His tracks he currently has out have done well, but expect more from him this year. 2020 will be a turning point for BRKNDRMR, where he will be ready to take the next step as an artist.

Having showcased their innovative and diverse mixing skills with different genres in previous episodes, Dobadlyy return to their downtempo bass-driven sound in this episode. For 30 minutes, Dobadlyy set the tone with epic tracks and seamless transitions that make for a spectacular opening section. At the halfway point, BRKNDRMR takes control for the remainder with even more awesome tracks. Showcases his awesome mixing skills, BRKNDRMR uses heavy hard-hitting singles in an innovative way to grab and hold your attention.

Stream this mix below.

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