DoBadlyy Treat Us To A Fire Track ‘Bad Habits’, Available For Free!

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DoBadlyy Treat Us To A Fire Track ‘Bad Habits’, Available For Free!

Dobadlyy is a duo consisting of producers Michael and Joseph. With these two artists hailing from different spectrums of the electronic dance music world and having many yeras of experience under their belts, coming together and collaborating to bring massive tunes has become second nature to them. Combining elements of g-house, tech house and experimenting a bit more with the darker side of house music, Dobadlyy is a project that shows promise of hitting the festival and club circuits in the near future.

Following on from their first single of 2020 ‘cult’, Dobadlyy treat us to a massive new tune filled to the brim with hard-hitting sounds and innovative synths. What’s even better is this single is available for free! ‘Bad Habits’ kicks off with a deep and dark pad that sets the tone for the remainder of the single. Before long the duo adds an infectious old school sounding synth into the mix which brings out a lighter element of their production style. As the single progresses, Dobadlyy brings out their darker side with moody sounds that build towards the drop. The drop hits with no disappointment as hard-hitting sounds are combined with powerful synths to leave us speechless. There is very little that can be said without sounding crazy, so just hit play on this fire track and let Dobadlyy blow your mind.

Stream this single below and grab your free download here.

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