Drist Drops Infectious Vocal House Track ‘Lovers’!

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Drist Drops Infectious Vocal House Track ‘Lovers’!

After a brief hiatus from releasing and performing, Polish artist Drist has finally returned to our sound systems. Due to personal circumstances. life caught up with him and his passion had to be put on hold for multiple years. This year he comes back on the stage as a producer blending progressive sounds with classic house pianos, strings and more to make his own signature sound. ‘Lovers’ is his second official single and the third one is not far away.

‘Lovers’ incorporates all of the styles and sounds that were previously mentioned and in turn creates a beautiful vocal house track packed with Drist‘s signature style. The single kicks off with simple yet elegant pluck sounds that set the tone for the rest of the production. Drist then introduces vocals and a piano melody which adds tons of memorability to the single. As the track progresses, Drist adds more and more infectious and creative sounds into the mix to take it to the next level.

Stream this single below and grab your copy here.

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