Drist Opens 2020 With A Fantastic New Single Entitled ‘Dreamers’!

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Drist Opens 2020 With A Fantastic New Single Entitled ‘Dreamers’!

After a 5-year break from releasing music, Polish native Drist returned to our sound systems in 2019 in fine fashion. The past couple of years were not easy for Drist, as due to personal circumstances, life caught up with the artist and his passion had to be put on hold for multiple years. Last year he came back as a producer blending progressive sounds with classic house pianos, strings and more to make his own signature sound.Ending the year with three high-quality singles ‘Storm’, ‘Lovers’, and ‘Sunset’, Drist has taken little time to open up his catalog for the new year.

Keeping his momentum rolling into the new year, Drist showcases his signature style with ‘Dreamers’. This single kicks off with an infectious pluck synth that takes center stage for the entire production. The pluck is joined by memorable and catchy vocals that add a lovely tone to each breakdown. The Polish artist seamlessly builds towards the drop with risers that build tension and once the drop hits, the infectious pluck is joined by multiple synths and bass lines that emphasize the infectious tone. Yet another high-quality release from Drist with many more coming very soon so keep a close eye on this talented producer!

Stream this single below and grab your copy on iTunes.

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