DY3NASTY Delivers With Huge Solo Production ‘Jukebox Money’!

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DY3NASTY Delivers With Huge Solo Production ‘Jukebox Money’!

In 2018, USA native Daniel Robert Yount aka DY3NASTY decided to pursue a full time career producing electronic dance music. He began his DJing career in small local clubs and bars and in 2018 he then decided it was time to take his passion for DJing to the next level. ​He released his very first single ‘While’ and after a very good response to that single, he decided to hone in on his producing skills and create content that would improve on itself with every new release. ​Almost an entire year later and DY3NASTY has released 7 singles and plans to collaborate, release and promote even more music as 2019 kicks off with much excitement.

DY3NASTY likes to switch up his style of releases from dubstep to future bass to progressive house. Following up from his hard hitting release ‘Ice Paradise’, DY3NASTY treats us to a very melodic and upbeat single ‘Jukebox Money’. Melodic chords and melodies are matched with catchy vocal samples which set the tone from the off set. As the track progresses, DY3NASTY shows off just how melodic his style can get with memorable melodies and catchy arpeggios playing on top of those. If you’re a fan of melodic and upbeat feel good music, this one is a treat.

Stream the single below.

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