DY3NASTY Is Back With Huge Release ‘Get There’!

Back in June 2018, DY3NASTY released his very first single entitled ‘While’ before making his move to Los Angeles, California to pursue a career in producing. Since then, he has shown incredible versatility within the studio to release multiple singles including the dubstep banger ‘Ice Paradise’. Always wanting to branch out of his comfort zone, DY3NASTY is back with his 5th release of 2019, an uplifting progressive anthem ‘Get There’.

Despite it’s progressive house style, ‘Get There’ has a very electro house influenced sound to it too. DY3NASTY seamlessly matches upbeat and euphoric melodies and synths with hard hitting electro style sounds. The catchy vocals are used help make this a memorable track and keep you singing the lyrics “da da da dada” long after listening. The creativity for DY3NASTY to combine different elements help this track stand out from the crowd.

Stream this single below.


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