Eivisso x CBass Keep Momentum Rolling With Brilliant Single ‘Sauce’!

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Eivisso x CBass Keep Momentum Rolling With Brilliant Single ‘Sauce’!

Hot on the heels of their previous single ‘All Day All Night’, Eivisso X Cbass waste no time in keeping their momentum rolling with yet another awesome single, ‘Sauce’. The duo, who are based in Boston, specialize in producing and performing within the bass and future house realm and with over 10 years of experience under their belt, the duo are making waves across the scene with their high-quality releases. A duo full of diversity that bring energy to every room they play in, no matter what genre they play, one week they’ll be dropping a bass music set and the next they could be dropping electro, big room, tech-house or even progressive. With an ear for evolving sounds, they love taking a crowd on a journey with pounding energy that ebbs and flows with the vibe of the night. It’s never a slow night so get ready for some fire when Eivisso X Cbass appears on our sound systems.

Once again this innovative duo showcases their diversity with a bass house single that takes influences from the trap and dubstep world. Eivisso X Cbass opens the single with tons of energy as they build straight towards the first drop. Once that drop hits, we realize why they wanted to get there so quickly, as infectious synths are used creatively alongside rolling bassline that ooze class. The duo then switches things up as they head for the second drop. The four-on-the-floor beat type is switched out for a breakbeat style that works wonders. The bass house drop is then revisited for a second time to truly top this single off perfectly.

Stream this single below.

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