El Maar Releases New Stunning Free Single ‘You Keep Me’!

Croatian label Deepnd Records is celebrating their 2nd year anniversary after being founded in March 2017. Since their inception, they have been releasing a constant flow of quality releases with the latest single being no exception. The latest single to be released by the label is from the talented producer and also A&R of Deepnd Records, El Maar. It’s not the first time that this artist has released on the label with hits such as ‘Soldier‘, ‘When The Bassline’ and ‘I Know You’, which has helped the label reach the level they are at today.

‘You Keep Me’ is a super catchy Deep House single brimming over with positive summer vibes. As we progress through the year, we get closer to the summer time which in turn lets these amazing singles see the light of day. With pool parties and day events scheduled for Miami Music Week, you are sure to hear this single where ever the sun may be shining. Incorporating catchy vocals matched with elegant synths and groovy melodies, this single has everything that a house lover would want from a production.

Stream the single below and grab your free download here.

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