Emerging Producer Hoax Releases Awesome Edit Of ‘After Hours’ By The Weeknd!

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Emerging Producer Hoax Releases Awesome Edit Of ‘After Hours’ By The Weeknd!

Releasing what is his third production of the year, Hoax is slowly but surely rising through the ranks and showcasing himself as a truly talented emerging producer. Taking multiple influences and incorporating them into his productions with nice creativity, each upload that we hear from Hoax he blows us away each time with high-quality ideas and execution.

With a big love for electronic dance music, at the age of just 12 years old, he began to experiment with a bunch of samples and free presets in FL Studio. Many years have passed since then and he has grown as an artist exceptionally well, even receiving some great feedback from artists such as DJ LiciousBorgeous and Zack Martino. These days Hoax is still every day behind his laptop, to create fresh new music and is very humbled to reach his achievements.

For his latest upload, Hoax takes on the tough task of editing The Weeknd‘s track ‘After Hours’ and he does so in spectacular fashion. Right from the start, Hoax sets the housey tone with drum samples that are combined seamlessly with the original vocals. It doesn’t take too long before Hoax injects some grooves into the edit with a funky bassline synth that is combined with creative synths that attract our attention. As you listen to this edit, Hoax perfectly creates a blend of his own style with the original track that makes this edit sound like an original, which is a testament tot his emerging artist’s talents!

Stream this edit below and grab your free download here.

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