Exposure Injects Us With An Energetic Anthem In The Form Of ‘STATiK’!

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Exposure Injects Us With An Energetic Anthem In The Form Of ‘STATiK’!

Hot on the heels of his opening 2020 single ‘Higher’, Exposure is back on our sound waves once again with his second release of 2020. Having previously released ‘Spooky’ in 2019, a dubstep production, Exposure opened the new year with a new style, premiering a raw and energetic style within the bass house world. Taking the dubstep infused sounds from his previous style and injecting them with a four-on-the-floor tempo, Exposure was a breath of fresh air within the bass house scene.

Exposure, known by his real name Morariu Denis, is a 22 years old music producer based in Romania. He gained attention from major parties and festivals from Romania after his appearances at local Bucharest shows. This year had an important impact on his project, making him do the transition from the dubstep scene to the house one. His first bass house release called ‘Higher’ got over 15,000 streams in a short time and recognition from major house labels and artists. By releasing ‘STATiK’ he made more clear the direction of his style and his future sound.

Stream all your favorite bass house tracks in the playlist below – follow here.

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