Faucon Drops Remix Of Dance Classic ‘Music Sounds Better With You’!

Texas Tech House producer Faucon is on the rise, with the recent release of his single ‘Just Ask’ and his ‘Legend’ EP which was released under 1 month ago. Faucon doesn’t believe in the saying “quality over quantity”, as he proves it wrong with yet another quality release this year. This time he takes on the very challenging task of reworking one of the biggest dance classics out there.

Faucon takes on this 1998 classic from Stardust and turns it into a modern peak-time anthem. This hot off the press remix has everything that you would want it to have. Faucon takes the tone and vibe from the original dance anthem and puts his own spin on it, with groovy bass lines and rhythmic samples taking to the fore front. As the remix hits it’s high point, you can’t help but move with the beat as you find yourself dancing where ever you may be listening.

Stream this remix below.

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