Fin & Stanley Drop Infectious Single ‘I Like It’!

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Fin & Stanley Drop Infectious Single ‘I Like It’!

“Just make a good mood.” That has been the motto and goal of Fin & Stanley since 2013 when they got to know each other in a joint film project. Self-produced since 2018, including for the labels Big Mama’s House Record and Gray Bar Hotel, the guys do not care about rigid grids. They want to hang up, regardless of time & place, so that in addition to very similar club sessions in Hamburg, Witten or Heidelberg, the two can be followed and celebrated live on one of their living room sessions on Facebook. Fin & Stanley stand for great tech house and have the hang of creating a completely positive atmosphere where no feet can standstill.

Fin & Stanley showcase their highly infectious tech house style with ‘I Like It’. The German duo set the pace with simple yet effective drum sounds that are accompanied by the ever-present “i like it” vocal sample. The vocal sample becomes a mainstay in this single which makes it all the more memorable. As the track progresses, the duo adds a low lying bassline and innovative drum sounds that keep the groove moving and make sure you don’t stop tapping your toes and bopping your head. That big kick and the groovy bassline are in perfect harmony with those dry vocal samples which sets it apart from all tech house sounds out right now. A straight dancefloor banger, make sure to keep a close eye on this duo in the new year.

Stream this single below.

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