Fynutzu Treats Us To A Sick Free Bootleg of ‘Spaceman’ by Hardwell!

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Fynutzu Treats Us To A Sick Free Bootleg of ‘Spaceman’ by Hardwell!

Although he has not released a new single in over 7 months along with taking a hiatus from performing in September of 2018, the legacy that Hardwell has created within the past decade is mind-blowing. His first big breakthrough came from the release of ‘Spaceman’, a pulsating and hard-hitting big room track which would catapult Hardwell onto the biggest of stages within the EDM world. Released over 8 years ago, ‘Spaceman’ continues to be a massive track within the dance scene, receiving a multitude of remixes from budding producers each year. With a track so popular, remixing can be a tough task, however, emerging producer Fynutzu felt up to the challenge and he knocked it out of the park.

Fynutzu takes this main room festival banger and gives it new life, putting his own signature future house style onto it. The emerging producer keeps elements of the original track but to make it disguisable he adds tons of funky and bouncy elements that give it a fresh tone. The groovy bass line used through the track adds tons of rhythm into the mix and when combines with Fynutzu‘s unique and creative synth work, the bootleg is taken to the next level. A true statement piece, Fynutzu‘s remix of this iconic Hardwell track definitely puts him on the map as a talented upcoming producer.

Stream this single below and grab your free download here.

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