GAB Releases Incredible Single On ChillYourMind!

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GAB Releases Incredible Single On ChillYourMind!

Serbian based label ChillYourMind has been churning out a constant flow of quality releases. The very popular YouTube channel which has gained a following of 750,000 subscribers and has received over 140 million streams decided in 2017 to launch a record label. Helping up and coming talents get discovered is the main goal of this label and they are definitely delivering on that end as they haven’t stopped releasing quality music.

Following up the massive success of his previous releases ‘One Night’ and ‘Save My Life’, Irish music producer GAB continues his momentum with ‘This Moment’, an ethereal song that will force us to enjoy the moment. ‘This Moment’ features an extremely addictive Saxophone line on the drop, showcasing a perfect balance between electronic and soulful vibes. GAB takes us through an emotional journey, a journey that features soulful vocals, steezy bass lines, a sax line and of course, a four-on-the-floor beat that will make everyone dance.

Stream the single below.

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