Geek Boy Releases Killer Track ‘Hello Mate’ On Innverv8 Musiq!

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Geek Boy Releases Killer Track ‘Hello Mate’ On Innverv8 Musiq!

Manchester-based producer Geek Boy returns to our sound systems with an incredibly scrumptious & undeniable banger entitled ‘Hello Mate’. Geek Boy’s last solo offering was the epic track ‘FOOL’, released in 2015, which helped cement his arrival in the electronic dance scene. Since then, it has been collabs and projects with different artists, most recently being his collab with Japanese artist KiUi. Kicking off the new year in style and keeping his momentum rolling, Geek Boy offers up a sizzling new production, guaranteed to impress any electronic dance music fan.

It’s melodic, hypnotic, happy, funny, cheeky, and straight-up bass Drop messy all rolled into one. “Hello Mate” opens with a cute, psychedelic, water-like sound that makes you feel as though you’re floating down a quiet little stream somewhere in Wonderland. A little girl’s sweet humming and jamming comes in quite early into the track adding to the cosy warm Feeling! LITTLE DO WE KNOW, it’s the calm before the storm! A well-calculated ploy to prepare us for the carnage that suddenly follows on the drop! The ruggedness and rawness of the drop is pretty fierce and it’s where Geek Boy lets us know he’s not here just to play! This genius Jekyll and Hyde contrast on the track is exactly what makes it a thrill to listen to! “Hello Mate” feels and sounds like an ”Im back” statement and also a ”let me reintroduce myself ” track!! EPIC!!

Stream this single below and grab your copy here.

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