Great Mix From The Creative Yan!

Great Mix From The Creative Yan!

Since the start of the year, Japanese DJ Yan has been churning out a flurry of new mix sets on his Soundcloud which show off his creativity as a DJ. His main style of genre is Juke and Footwork which he brings out to light within his previous dark mixes. Mixing 11 tracks within a 20 minute time frame, his latest mix is perfect for anyone listening on the go, or in search of some new sounds.

Quality song selection with seamless transitions make this mix stand out from the crowd. As the mix progresses, each new song breathes new life into the mix and this keeps the listener interested and also eager for what is to come. The short time frame of 20 minutes leaves us wanting more and more which means we can’t wait for the next mix to come from the talented DJ.

Stream the mix below.

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