Hayden Haze Returns With Awesome Single ‘Who We Are’!

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Hayden Haze Returns With Awesome Single ‘Who We Are’!

Jersey native, Hayden Haze finished 2018 with two stunning releases ‘Win Again’ and ‘Alone’. The 18 year old talent returns to our speakers with a brand new single which is sure to please his rising fan base. His latest single has been an ID for many months as
Hayden Haze wanted to perfect the sound and make this his break through single and get the recognition he desires.

A very creative release, ‘Who We Are’ contains catchy melodies and memorable sounds which are sure to stick in your head for the rest of your day. As the track progresses, we are treated to stunning vocals that fit the overall tone very well with a very melodic style given to the track. As the drop hits we are immediately found humming along with the vocal melody which is paired with powerful synths that are sure to get your toes tapping. ‘Who We Are’ is sure to put Hayden Haze on your radar.

Stream the single below.

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