Hayden Haze Unveils Emotionally Driven Free Single ‘Before You Go’!

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Hayden Haze Unveils Emotionally Driven Free Single ‘Before You Go’!

Ending the year the same way he ended the previous year of 2018, Hayden Haze drops a spectacular solo production entitled ‘Before You Go’. Showing no signs of stagnating and always wanting to innovate, Hayden Haze tests the waters with an emotionally driven future bass single, which follows on from his future house single ‘Who We Are’ along with his progressive house single ‘Alone’. Always one to step out of his comfort zone, Hayden Haze has once again proved his talents within the studio cannot be matched by just anyone.

‘Before You Go’ kicks off with a beautiful piano hook that is quickly joined by powerful male vocals that set the tone for the production. As the single progresses, the producer adds more uplifting sounds that back up the vocals perfectly. He then quickly transitions towards the drop which hits with an infectious synth top-line melody and it does not disappoint. The drop does not last too long which keeps the listener invested while he introduces the vocals again before heading back for another drop. The overall structure of this single is perfect and brings the quality up really high. Make sure to keep an eye on Hayden Haze in 2020.

Stream this single and grab your free download below.

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