HellKey Drops Innovative And Creative Dubstep Single ‘The Summoning’!

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HellKey Drops Innovative And Creative Dubstep Single ‘The Summoning’!

After achieving great success on his previous release ‘Incantation (By The Good I See In The Other)’ with over 60,000 streams on Spotify, HellKey proposes again a song that walks on the path of Dubstep. This time wobbles are less aggressive but more intricate and elaborative, as melodies go side by side with a heavy deep bass, along with keytar solos being a very distinctive element in his latest production.

This track is the perfect description of a specific feeling. Each song is a spell, it evokes something (a memory, an emotion, pure energy, etc) that sometimes could be so colossal and magnificent to astound everybody. That feeling of magnificence is what this song is about. When that alchemy happens, no matter if you are the summoner or the beholder, it’s the greatest feeling ever. If you have a hell of a life, you can always rely on this summoning spell or its summoner. This is what happened to HellKey when in 2014 he saw Skrillex live for the first time (and turned on a deep love in him for Dubstep), and it still happens when he listens to the amazing works of his favorite artists. This track, in particular, was heavily influenced by Snails.

Always one to step out of the box and showcase his creativity by mixing different EDM styles with breaks and rock, HellKey proves yet again why he should be an artist to watch with ‘The Summoning’. As you listen to this single, the effort that the producer has put into the small details is astonishing and brings the track to life. An innovative dubstep production that will please fans of any electronic genre across the world.

Stream this single below.

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