How To Listen To Avicii’s Album Before Release – Via Avicii Cube’s!

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How To Listen To Avicii’s Album Before Release – Via Avicii Cube’s!

We are just under 2 weeks away from the full release of Avicii’s posthumous album ‘Tim’ which is set to be released on June 6th. However, if you’re not interested in waiting until then, you may be able to hear the album in full before every one else. The mysterious cube’s which were announced on May 23rd via Avicii‘s Youtube channel caused much debate online about their use. Included in the video was 6 locations, Stockholm, London, New York City, São Paulo, Tokyo and Sydney.

On May 24th, another YouTube clip answered all of our questions, with fans being able to listen to Avicii‘s posthumous album in the cube’s before it’s full release. Included in the description was the below quote.

Avicii’s music was the soundtrack when we fell in love, when we made new friends and that time we danced all night. Avicii connected us. Around the world there are cubes just like this one. Walk inside and place your hand on the glowing Avicii symbol. When the symbols in two cubes are touched at the same time both cubes will activate. Together you will experience the new Avicii album.”

The exact location of these cubes has yet to be announced with plenty more questions being asked that are sure to be answered in the coming days. Watch the video announcement below.

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