Julian Jordan Talks Running His Own Record Label, Experimenting With Genres, Relationship With Martin Garrix, and More!

After making waves with ‘Without You’ featuring Brooks and the track still being high in the Beatport charts several weeks after release, it’s now time for Julian Jordan to bring you one of the undoubted anthems of the summer season in the form of ‘Nobody Knows’. This summer-ready track starts off with enticing plucks reminiscent of early 2010s progressive house. A deep, full bassline joined by light percussion instruments makes way for Feldz’ luminous vocals. It’s a track that’s perfect for every setting. Whether you’re envisioning yourself in a club or having a day at the beach, ‘Nobody Knows’ fits it all. We had the pleasure of speaking with Julian Jordan to celebrate this release!

Let’s start with ‘Nobody Knows’. How happy are you with the finished product and its home on STMPD RCRDS?
“Very very happy! It took a while to produce this track but the journey was a lot of fun. It was also very challenging with COVID-19 going on, which is also why I’m very happy with the result.”

‘Nobody Knows’, along with some other prior releases, has brought out a more pop-dance side to your production style. How do you enjoy making this type of music compared to your more club-orientated tracks?

“I think it’s important to constantly evolve, and trying out new styles is part of that. I still try to keep my signature sound in those productions as well so people know it’s a Julian Jordan release. I never really like to do the same thing over and over again which is why I keep challenging myself every day. But don’t worry, a lot of sick Julian Jordan style club records are coming soon!”

With your past releases, you have dipped your toes into several different styles and genres. Is there any other genre that you haven’t touched but you’d like to explore?
“To be honest I touched a lot of genres already. I produced everything from techno to hip hop but I just never really released it as Julian Jordan. My next club track has some rap influences so keep an eye out for that one! It would also be cool to release a full on techno track some day! You never know…”

You kicked off your career on Spinnin’ Records with a multitude of banging releases. How was it to be a featured artist on a global record label during your rising years as an artist?
“It felt very unreal but it was amazing. I learned a lot from that time of my life because I was still a teenager so I didn’t know a lot about touring and the business world around the music industry. I had an amazing time and met some amazing people that I still work with today!”

You then transitioned from Spinnin’ Records to owning your own record label, Goldkid Records. How was it to run your own label and would you ever plan on re-opening it?
Maybe someday, but for me the main goal was to focus on my own music and tours. If I have my own label I want to help the artists on there grow and think about their career as well. I’m at a point in my career where I need to fully focus on my own career first before I can think of anyone else’s. That’s why I decided to pause Goldkid Records and be part of the STMPD RCRDS family.”

From then, to now, you find yourself on Martin Garrix’s STMPD RCRDS. What kind of fresh inspiration does this new chapter in your career give you?
“I’ve been part of the STMPD family for quite a while now and it’s amazing how it really feels like a family & home. I’ve worked with some of the crew since the very start of my career so I really trust these people. Everyone in there has 1 goal and that’s to make every release a success. They really think with the artist so they think about branding/artworks/schedules etc.”

Over the years you have worked together on several tracks with your “Brother From Another Mother” Martin Garrix. How do you feel your two styles mesh and blend together and how enjoyable is it to step into the studio with him?
“We are very good friends so it’s always a lot of fun to work together in the studio. We have known each other since the beginning so we both know what we really like in productions. I still send all my ideas to him and the other way around! We give each other feedback and help each other with tips & tricks.”

Including the previously mentioned tracks alongside Martin Garrix, you have also released high -profile tracks together with Timmy Trumpet, Sander van Doorn, Firebeatz, and recently Brooks. If you only had 1 last collab remaining in your entire career, who would you like it to be with?
“Kanye West. He is one of my biggest inspirations. The way he produces and has his signature sound all over his productions is amazing to me. The combination of rough samples, creativity in synths, vocals, etc. is insane!”

With the cancellation of all shows across the world, how have you found it is to be in/near your studio for most of the day working on or finishing new music?
“Normally, my life consisted of 2 things : touring and producing music, but now due to COVID-19, the touring part is not there anymore. Touring usually gave me a lot of inspiration and motivation but with that part gone I find it hard to be inspired all them time! But I don’t like to sit still so I have a lot of exciting concepts and projects I’m working on!”

With this break in performances, what have you enjoyed most about taking time off from touring and what do you miss most about the lack of shows?
“I miss the energy I get from touring, seeing my fans, meeting new people, eating different types of food, travelling to new places etc. But I love that I had some time to reconnect with friends and family, it’s something that I couldn’t do when I was still touring. I try to make the most out of this situation and just enjoy this down time.”

Ending the interview, would you like to share some exclusive news with us? 😉
“Keep an eye on my YouTube series! I am going to do a lot of exciting nice things!”

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