Kasbo Drops Double-Single ‘Staying In Love’ & ‘Skogsrå’!

His third release in quick succession, Swedish electronic artist Kasbo has unveiled double-single ‘Staying In Love’ / ‘Skogsrå’, out 16th September. Underpinned by the engrossing vocals of fellow Swedish artist Nea‘Staying In Love’ is a modern electronic track that melds breakbeats and EDM elements into something with serious crossover appeal.

“To me ‘Staying In Love’ is about the struggle of holding on,” Nea articulates. “It’s so easy to think the grass is greener somewhere else, to go out and look for the next thrill instead of seeing the person next to you. To actually be still and hold on even when the first glitter is gone can be the hardest. Or as we say in the song: To fall in love is easy, be in love is easy, but ‘Staying In Love’ is hard… Me and Kasbo have been friends and co-writers for many years now. I’m a big fan of his style and musicality.”

‘Skogsrå’ is more raw in its appeal, harnessing captivating melodies, robotic vocals and mechanical synths to create something undeniably unique.

“I was in a bit of a dry spell when I made Skogsrå” Kasbo admits. “I remember deciding that I had to make a song a day, to stop overthinking the music and lose the pressure of every song I made needing to be perfect or ideal for the album. I think I made Skogsrå on day 4, and it’s the most polarizing and unconventional song I’ve made to date.”

It follows ‘Show You’ and ‘Play Pretend’, recent singles that have already amassed more than 1 million combined Spotify streams, with all four tracks set to appear on Kasbo’s sophomore album The Making Of A Paracosm, out 23rd October.

Stream all your favorite future bass tracks in the playlist below – follow here.

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